“Ni Una Mas!”, part of the Body Altar-Huipil Fronterizo Project and Performance. Ciudad Juarez (U.S/Mexico National Border). 2016
“La Casa Verde”, acrylic on canvas, 2021

“The Call”, Acrylic, oil pastel, soil and mirror on wood. 2013
“Tree Bark Mirror”, Acrylic paint, oil pastel, marker, tree bark, cut mirror on wood. 2013
“Egungun”, Acrylic on canvas. 2020
“Speak”, Acrylic paint, thread and cushion pins on canvas. 2009
“Virago”, Acrylic and yarn on canvas. Painting and Installation. 2016
“Through the Wound”, Installation. 2016
“Mother at Sundown”, Installation and Photography, 2016
“The Circuit”, Performance and Photography, CCA, Oakland. 2014
“Body Altar-Huipil Fronterizo”, Altar Installation and Performance at SOMARTS Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA. 2016
“Huipil Fronterizo”, Back side. Hand-made, hand-painted and embroidered garment. Presented at SOMARTS, SF. 2016
“Huipil Fronterizo”, front side. Hand-made. Presented in live performance at the U.S/Mexico Border. 2016
“La Sirena Speaks” acrylic and oil pastels on canvas. Part of Nomadic Art Project. Lake Meritt, Oakland CA. 2016
Athol Courts Open Studio Project, Oakland, CA. 2016.

“Ghosts”, Reading Performance outside of Ghosts 915, El Paso, TX. 2021
“Altar for Bird”, Installation and Photography. U.S/Mexico Border. 2020
“Feather Foot”, Photography. U.S/Mexico Border. 2020
“Birds are Falling from the Sky”, U.S/Mexico Border. 2020
“Coyoltxauqui” Textile. 2017