Home is Where the H(Art) Is Residency

A Collaboration with The Eternal Queens (Samantha Javier and Claire Vela) and the participation of Carmen Roman. Conceived by Laila Espinoza.

This project was made possible by the Center for Art and Public Life Kinetic Grant. Thank you!

In response to the increasingly growing gap between art and life as well as the limited opportunities for under-represented artists in accessing spaces for art making and exhibiting, we establish the home as art space.
Because we don’t wait for opportunity, but instead create our own opportunities with whatever means and resources we have readily available to us while we also work together to access those resources that have been placed beyond our reach
Because we see everyday objects (natural and people-made) as meaningful art materials,
Because our homes are not just for living but for creating as well,
Because our home is the studio where creative ideas are born out of everyday life experiences,
Everyday activities and experiences shall not be separate from art.

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