“The Call”, Acrylic paint, oil pastels, soil and mirror on wood. 2016
“Tree Bark Mirror”, tree bark, marker, oil pastel on wood, cut mirror and light, 2016

“Speak”, Acrylic paint, thread and cushion pins on canvas. 2005
“Mami Wata”, Acrylic on canvas. 2019
“Guerrera”, Acrylic and yarn on canvas. 2017
“Egun”, Acrylic and mirror on canvas. 2019
“Mujer Pajaro”, Oil paint on canvas board. 2016
“Garden of the Heart”, Acrylic paint and beads on canvas. 2007
“Shattered”, Acrylic on canvas board. 2009
“Sunrise”, Acrylic on canvas. 2006
“Mother and Child”, Acrylic on canvas. 2007
“Ghosts”, acrylic on canvas. 2008
“Inside/Outside”, acrylic paint on canvas. 2009
“SunShine”, acrylic on canvas. 2011
“Tierra”, acrylic paint, clay, leather, seeds and fiber on canvas. 2011
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